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Visual identity with the power to inspire

A good visual identity is instantly recognisable. Whether it’s for an organisation or a product, a campaign or an event, when people see it they think, “oh yeah!”

A great visual identity inspires those people to act. To change. And for a great visual identity, you need a great visual identity agency.

What makes a great visual identity agency? We think it’s the combination of creative thinking with a strategic perspective.

Strategic creativity

How do you create a visual identity with the power to inspire change?

You need a strategic approach, calculated to get results. You need a creative approach to stand out and connect with your audience.

It sounds like two alternatives, but to us, it’s one approach: strategic creativity.

We’re the visual identity agency that asks: what do you need to inspire … and how do we make it show?

“As well as an unforgettable look and feel, Redhouse provided us with the necessary tools to talk about ourselves and shared the ideas and values of our work.”
Maria Laskaridou, Producer at Argonauts See the whole story

They called for a visual identity agency. Redhouse answered.

Cut through complexity

Your visual identity is servant to many masters. Strategic priorities, audience expectations, brand integrity, competitor activity, technology trends … Try to satisfy them all equally and you get an uninspiring beige blur. But block them all out and you risk creating a visual identity that’s all aesthetic and no impact.

We also know that a tug or twist on a logo causes ripples across your brand, from your website to your social media campaigns. Changing your visual identity should never be done in isolation. It’s a whole-picture process.

As a seasoned visual identity agency, we can cut through the complexity – to make sure your message cuts through to your audience.

With strategic creativity, we identify what’s just getting in your way, and weave the important elements together into a focused, straightforward visual identity that inspires the change you need.

Government Office for Science colourful brand visual

No one and nothing gets left behind

Our promise to cut through complexity goes beyond our work behind the scenes on your visual identity. We cut the complexity from implementing it as well.

It starts with getting everyone on the same page: board members, in-house, freelancers, your nephew. It ends with comprehensive guidelines, templates and other assets, tailored to the way you work.

We make it easy for you to change, so your visual identity can quickly start inspiring your audience to change too.

“Redhouse are experts at finding and using the emotional hook and rational persuaders that convince an audience to get on board”
College of Podiatry See the whole story

We are an award-winning visual identity agency