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Ever since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago, the UK public sector has relied on us to engage businesses and the public. We’ve created campaigns for quangos, written articles for agencies, even helped departments of state define and develop their brands.

That means we know how to manage Ministerial approvals. When it comes to purdah, we’re prepared. And we know what the public sector esteems above all: value for money for the taxpayer. Well, we think most taxpayers would agree our public sector work is money well spent.

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Strategy and branding

A compelling vision, clearly stated, is key to earning and maintaining trust.

Today, it’s more important than ever for institutions to communicate their value – to the public and to budget holders alike. We’ve guided a variety of government bodies through the process of defining their value – and declaring it with a bold, modern brand.

Whether it’s a newly formed department looking to embody its mandate, or an agency rediscovering its reason for being as it goes through change, we find the clearest, simplest and most inspiring way to articulate the core value of the organisation. For organisations that need it, we can translate that central idea into a visual identity, every element of which helps to reinforce their value.

A Redhouse brand is modern, creative – and also practical. We liaise with in-house designers and communicators and design a brand they can implement day-to-day with the tools already at their disposal. Through interviews and workshops with leaders, staff and stakeholders, we bring everyone along on the journey – creating buy-in for the brand as we go.


Publishing keeps ideas flowing – and that’s what makes good government.

From policy papers to business plans, annual reports to research reviews, publishing keeps information and ideas flowing – and that’s what makes good government.

Our extensive experience means that when you tell us a publication is to be laid before Parliament, or published on GOV.UK, or circulated internally and marked OFFICIAL, we immediately know what that means for the design and production process.

And while meeting those important requirements, we bring a clean, modern sensibility to public sector publication design. Clear content hierarchies and rich infographics bring complex positions and ideas to life, convincing readers and sparking intelligent discussion.

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As you’d expect from an agency with a 30-year public sector track record, we know the public service accessibility requirements like the backs of our hands. Compliance with the requirements is built into our processes, schedules and budgets as standard for all public sector clients.

Want to go the extra mile and make your publication accessible to an even wider audience? Our accessibility experts work with you to make sure your publication reaches everyone you want it to.

Your annual report holds a unique place among your publications, and getting it right presents a unique combination of challenges – like final figures only becoming available as the laying date approaches. We’ve met and overcome those challenges for many clients over many years, both in the public sector and beyond.

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Effective government means getting your message across to the people who need to hear it.

Sounds simple, but we know there’s no one-size-fits-all in the public sector. Over 30 years and more, we’ve seen as much diversity in this sector as any other.

From aims as broad as informing the general public, to targets as narrow as influencing particular age groups at crucial decision points, we’ve devised campaigns that reach the right audience – and which work to advance policy goals.

Whatever the goal, effective campaign strategy starts with defining and researching the target audience. Through desk research, survey, focus groups and in-depth creative workshops, we discover how to meet the audience where they are, engage their attention, and embed the campaign’s message.

  • Desk research: a resource-efficient method, and essential for making sure existing knowledge is taken into account and previous research is not replicated unnecessarily
  • Surveys: ideal for gaining quantitative insights into a distributed and time-poor group. Requires resources to promote as well as design and interpret the survey; it’s only worthwhile if enough people participate
  • Creative workshops: like boiling up a nourishing stock – put the right people in a (real or virtual) room with the right stimulus, and watch great ideas bubble to the surface
  • Focus groups: the best way to stress-test assumptions, ideas, approaches and concepts. Nothing reveals a weak idea faster than contact with real members of the target audience

Insightful strategy informs fresh creative design, leading to campaigns that look anything but institutional – standing above the crowd, where the audience can’t help paying attention.

Insightful strategy informs fresh creative design, leading to campaigns that look anything but institutional.
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Communication promotes participation, especially when it’s social.

Social media is the number one way to reach and engage the modern public. But the social web is noisy and fast moving; to catch and keep people’s attention, your content needs to stand out and offer genuine value.

Graphic, motion, illustration and infographic: as a creative agency, we know what cuts through, and how to deliver both message and value in a concise, concentrated hit. Raising awareness, starting conversations, promoting participation, and sparking action.

From concept to production, we find the right format for the message. We’ve delivered mini-documentaries for the NHS, HS2 and Innovate UK, brand films for Nuclear Waste Services, animations for Nest and HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, and many more.

Whether a video is destined to open a conference with a fanfare, or be viewed without sound while scrolling through a Facebook feed, we know the right specifications and techniques to build into the brief.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and an infographic can be even richer, packing data, information and insight into a single image that tells the story at a glance. We’ll mine the data and take your audience on a graphical journey through its implications. We’ve done it for the Care Quality Commission, PSR, UK Parliament, Nuclear Waste Services and many more.