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Brand strategy that cuts through complexity

Your brand strategy is your manifesto, grand design, and secret weapon all in one. It defines the change you want to see, and how your brand will inspire that change.

Sounds simple. Should be simple. But often it’s anything but. So many things influence your brand strategy: audience expectations, stakeholder priorities, competitor activity, business goals and plans for growth… How do you account for them all and still produce something inspiring?

You need a brand strategy agency that combines creative thinking with a strategic perspective. That cuts through complexity to inspire change.

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Less talking, more doing

“Brand” and “strategy”: both words people have trouble getting a grip on. They can feel slippery, theoretical, insubstantial.

That’s why defining your brand strategy can sometimes feel like a struggle. Often the people around you can’t visualise what it is they’re contributing to, except as some words in a doc that’ll languish in a folder somewhere. And if they go on thinking the words are the important thing, they’ll think the way to get there is by talking, talking, talking.

As an experienced brand strategy agency, we’re here to rescue you from circular conversations. We’ll cut to the chase: a concrete, practical brand strategy you can use to inspire change.


Cutting through complexity is more delicate than it sounds. A brand strategy agency worth the name can tell what’s really important – and what’s just getting in your way.

So we start by diving in headfirst, immersing ourselves in the complexity. We sift through sentiment, opinion and fact. Who wants what for your brand, and why? We learn from the whole cast, from board members to first time customers.

Then we take a step back. Get a big-picture, strategic perspective on the whole tangle – and sort the genuine insights from the loud voices, the real priorities from the short-term opportunities. We concentrate on discovering what’s true (about your organisation), relevant (to your audiences), and differentiating (from your competitors).


Then it’s time to apply some creative thinking. (Strategic perspective + creative thinking = Strategic Creativity. Get you a brand strategy agency that can do both.)

We boil your brand strategy down to:

vision (the change you want to see)
mission (how you make it happen)
personality (how you act as you go about it)

But boiling down doesn’t mean dumbing down. Using creative thinking, we find the words and images with all the right associations, getting the right meaning across in fewer words and with fewer moving parts to keep track of.

“Working with Redhouse and going through their curated ‘discovery’ stages, we were able to define what the AVA needed to achieve and finalise our refocused approach.”
David Llewellyn, Chief Executive, AVA Talk to us

They called for a brand strategy company. Redhouse stepped up.

We are an award-winning brand strategy company


Brand strategy is for life, not just for startups

A proper brand strategy agency follows a clear line of reasoning, taking into account who you’ve been, who you are, and who you’re becoming.

For start-ups, a brand strategy is a start-out guiding light and handbook of authentication. For everyone, a brand strategy review can be a much-needed shake-up.

Sometimes your trusty old brand strategy stops pulling its weight. Or loses its way. Gets lost or left behind as the landscape shifts. Sometimes your organisation has a growth spurt or a merger and the strategy no longer fits. Sometimes there’s a brand new product or offer but the old brand strategy just isn’t the right tool to make it shine.

We collaborate with ambitious companies that have outgrown their brand strategy, forgotten where they got it or why they have it, or are on the lookout for a brand strategy agency to craft a sparkling new one.

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