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What we do

Brand development is like untangling a riddle. Everything seems to matter all at once – until something clicks and all the important parts line up.

To get there, you need a brand development agency that brings both strategy and creativity. We know we’ve got it when we understand what’s true about your audience, what’s relevant to your audience, and what differentiates you from the competition.

Strategic creativity

A brand developed by a proper brand development company is more than just a remember-us stamp. It’s a revenue-generating asset. It’s a recipe to inspire change.

That’s why brand development starts with strategy: to understand what you need your brand to do.

We’re the brand development agency that asks: what do you need to inspire … and how do we make it show?

“Rebranding has helped us to position our service to global market counterparts. The communication of our value add is now very clear at a glance.”
Joe Anka, Managing Director of GFX Prime


A successful brand marries perception and action. What the brand promises, you need to be ready to deliver. We learn about your organisation to develop a brand that’s true.


A successful brand grabs attention, hits home, speaks your audience’s language. We learn about your audience to develop a brand that’s relevant.


A successful brand stands out from the crowd. It lets everyone know: why you, and not the competition? We learn about your competitors and stakeholders to develop a brand that differentiates.

Successful projects in depth
Trade DIT

One strategy. Endless variations.

Turnips in trifle. A fish in a china shop. Fixing a paper cut with a blowtorch. What works in industry sector A could be complete nonsense in sector B.

So while our philosophy of brand development is constant, the ways we bring it to bear are as varied as the clients and sectors we work with.

For over 30 years, start-ups, SMEs and blue-chip companies have called on Redhouse brand development agency to cut through complexity and deliver brands with the power to inspire change.

We make it our business to learn the peculiarities of each client’s sector, audience and business model.

They called for a brand development agency. Redhouse answered.

“As well as an unforgettable look and feel, Redhouse provided us with the necessary tools to talk about ourselves and shared the ideas and values of our work.”
Maria Laskaridou, Producer at Argonauts Talk to us

Brand development agency services

Brand definition

For when you’re starting up, rediscovering yourself, or making a clean break.

We discover, define and refine your brand’s DNA. Then there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind of who you are and the change you’re set to inspire.

  • Research and analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand DNA (vision, mission, purpose, values, personality)
  • Brand architecture


Brand expression

Your brand is greater than the sum of its parts.

But only when the parts are designed to do their bit in the scheme of things. Customer confidence is quickly eroded by brand elements that go rogue.

Brand development is not a matter of aesthetics. It’s a matter of strategic creativity.

  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • Strapline
  • Look & feel
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand guidelines


Brand engagement

Brand development isn’t a one-and-done. Your brand develops as you use it. Every day there’s a new application, a new audience segment, a new message.

A great brand development agency doesn’t duck out while the ink’s still drying on the brand book. We want to stick around to be part of your brand’s development – and see it enable you to inspire change.

  • Campaigns
  • Employee engagement
  • Content
  • Websites
  • Publications
  • Social media
  • Video & animation
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We are an award-winning brand development company

The momentum to keep it moving-moving

Our promise to cut through complexity goes beyond our behind-the-scenes brand development. We cut the complexity from implementing your brand as well.

It starts with getting everyone on the same page: board members, in-house, freelancers, your nephew. It ends with comprehensive guidelines, templates and other assets, tailored to the way you work. We make it easy for you to change, so your brand can quickly start inspiring change in the wider world.