What we do

To inspire the change that makes your goals possible, you first have to cut through complexity.

Strategic priorities, audience expectations, brand integrity, competition, tech … It’s all too easy for your message to get lost in the tangle.

To cut through to your audience, you need creative thinkers with a strategic perspective.

We identify what’s just getting in your way, and weave the important elements together with strategic creativity, into straightforward solutions that inspire the change you need.

Our services

We develop inspiring brands

New brand, rebrand, or brand refresh

Get to the heart of what you stand for, and define and align those building blocks to develop a brilliant brand. Give all your audiences a joined-up experience that tells your inspiring story.

We work with ambitious companies that have outgrown their brand, start-ups who need a sparkling new one, and every stage in between.

Brand strategy

Audience research
Competitor analysis
Purpose, vision and mission

Brand development

Visual identity/Corporate identity
Tone of voice
Brand guidelines


We design inspiring campaigns

Get to know your target audience inside out and inspire them to make a change – whether that’s changing perceptions, habits, or purchasing behaviour.

Seamlessly combine vibrant visuals and compelling messaging, emotional hooks and rational persuaders, online and offline channels to reach, engage and convince your audience.

Audience & stakeholder research
Campaign strategy
Messaging hierarchy
Visual identity
Video & animation
Social media
Print & out-of-home (OOH)


We create inspiring content

Transform complex messaging and subject matter into content that speaks to your audience.

Whether your goal is to inform, persuade, or attract traffic to your website, we’ll get your message across clearly with exciting, unexpected, inspiring content.

Content strategy & planning
Social media
Blogs & thought leadership
Website content
Video & animation
Reports & publications
Brochures & leaflets

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“Working with Redhouse and going through their curated ‘discovery’ stages, we were able to define what the AVA needed to achieve and finalise our refocused approach.”
David Llewellyn, Chief Executive, AVA

End-to-end package or single service? One-off project or ongoing partnership?

Either way, don’t think of it as onboarding a supplier. Think of us as expanding your team. We fit the way we work to your unique circumstances and goals, and keep lines of communication open and clear at all times.

Get in touch and extend your team


Head and heart

Inspiring change is complex because both the head and the heart are involved. The head wants you to make a rational case. The heart needs an emotional appeal.


Strategy and creativity

You need an evidence-based approach, calculated to get results. You need a creative approach to bring it to life and inspire change.


Cut through complexity

We don’t believe in striking a balance, splitting the difference, or finding a middle ground. Not between heads and hearts, not between strategy and creativity. Because to us, they’re not opposite ends of a scale. They’re yin and yang. Complementing and reinforcing. Strategic creativity.

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What’s stopping you inspiring change?