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Complex brand architecture

Having established itself securely in its home market of Ghana, GFX Prime had its sights set firmly on the world’s biggest financial markets.

The bank had grown rapidly since its inception, adding sub-brand after sub-brand to market new services, from foreign exchange (FX) trading to art leasing. Each separate team was great at expressing what they did differently and better, but expressing how they all fit together was getting more complex by the day.

We cut through the complexity by bringing all the sub-brands under one roof, so GFX Prime’s transition from local to global player could make the biggest possible splash.

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We put the pieces together to discover the big picture.

Team workshop

Unfazed by the distance, we provided staff at GFX Prime’s Ghana HQ with training, questionnaires and topic guides, equipping them to lead workshops to define the bank’s personality and ambitions for the future.

Brand DNA

We picked up and ran with the findings to define a vision, mission, values and brand story. Developed with the involvement of all GFX Prime staff, from founder to market analysts, these underpinnings give the brand a clear shape, structure and direction.

GFX Prime posters

Local strength, global ambition

At the core of GFX Prime’s brand DNA is a simple, powerful offer that unites all its products and services, teams and divisions: GFX Prime is the bridge between Ghana’s fast-growing market and the global financial markets.

We delivered a brand with a spacious, modern look and feel that clearly expresses this idea. At the same time, we rationalised the bank’s brand architecture, bringing sub-brands back under the umbrella of GFX Prime. From many loosely related offers to a single, powerful bank offering a wide range of services.

In a market dominated by solid, long-established institutions, the bright colours and clean layouts of the GFX Prime brand announce the bank as a fresh and innovative player.

The key graphic device of the connecting line reinforces the idea of GFX Prime bridging the gaps between markets, between past and future, and between customers and success. The connector is not rigid, but flexes to fit the needs of the layout, reflecting the bank’s dynamic and flexible approach to meeting customers’ needs.

Internal culture is as much the domain of a brand as the customer offer. We collaborated with GFX Prime staff to define a set of values that capture the bank’s unique philosophy.

Unlike the broad, general concepts that make up many organisations’ values, GFX Prime’s are specific and descriptive, making them simple to grasp – and making it easy to identify when they are and aren’t being followed. Together they describe a bold, exciting and ambitious culture that attracts the right kind of people to help GFX Prime grow.

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“Rebranding has helped us to position our service to global market counterparts. The communication of our value add is now very clear at a glance.”
Joe Anka, Managing Director of GFX Prime Contact us


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