Visual identity company

We get brands the recognition that sets them apart.

A brand identity doesn’t come out of nowhere with a whoosh. As it turns out, we are a seasoned visual identity company that knows exactly where to look for your company’s new look. It’s in your brand DNA. And it’s a beautiful thing.

We ask, What does your brand stand for . . . and does it show?


We never just wing-it-and-wish.

Stereotypical brand creatives may pull ideas out of thin air. Not us. Look closely and you’ll see a clear line of reasoning from research to results. Want to know why one of our clients’ brands looks like this? We can tell you in numbers, case studies and surveys, with footnotes.*

*Redhouse Official Policy, 2022

There will be no mistaking your brand here, there, and everywhere.

Some brands attract more customers at a lower cost per acquisition. But only when they are recognised at a glance. With a true visual identity company, there’s none of that squint-your-eyes-and-tilt-your-head ambiguity. Your visual identity will be a one-of-a-kind, glow-in-the-dark combination of robust strategy and high-resolution creativity.

Brand integrity is vital. Who you’ve been. Who you are. Who you will become. These are all considered.

The look and feel that is true to your brand essence is naturally unique. Zero push-and-shove fakery. There is no better brand ambassador than its application across all touchpoints – from stationery to website, from external campaigns to internal engagement.

I remember you. Words to live by. You remind me of someone. Not so much.
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Brands developed by Redhouse to go further-faster-longer

No one and nothing gets left behind.

Think Laurel without Hardy. Dec without Ant. Design without purpose. Isolation is a cold and confusing place. We don’t go there. Our way is collaborative and iterative. Redhouse and your brand.

But there’s more. We also know that a tug or twist on a logo causes ripples across your brand, from your website to your social media campaigns. Changes to your visual identity should never be made in isolation. Never ever Trevor. It’s a whole-picture process.

So we get everyone on the same page: board members, in-house, freelancers, your nephew. Implementing a consistent visual identity will be easy peasy lemon squeezy with your new and comprehensive brand guidelines, templates, logo and assets in various formats.

Government Office for Science colourful brand visual

Onward and upward. To infinity and beyond. Lo and behold.

Where will your brand be in five years? Well . . . where do you want it to be?

New organisation, new identity. Create some merger magic. Overcome an identity crisis. Shake off the cobwebs. Level up.

As a visual identity company, Redhouse develops powerful assets designed to drive your brand forward. We will support your strategies for growth, staff engagement, reaching new markets, and improving team cohesion. Whoosh.