Brand strategy agency

We help brands claim their space.

As a brand strategy agency, we develop your company’s ultimate brand-building playbook.

Your brand strategy is your manifesto, grand design, and secret weapon all in one. It’s a precise record of your brand DNA and how to move-it-move-it. Done right, it has the power of a pit stop at the Monaco Grand Prix Space Station. Inspiring. Electrifying. Unifying.

And it also puts your brand in the right space at the right time.

This is how we can help your brand

Into the big blue yonder. Also here and now.

We develop future-forward and future-proof brand strategies. Skip the details for a quick win? That’s not our style. A robust brand strategy is one you lean into, now and in the future.


Have a nice cup of tea. We’re here now.

There comes a time in every company’s life when you’ve done enough in-house, echo chamber talking-thinking-talking-thinking about brand mechanics. We’re here to rescue you from the land of bland, where brands go when the rabbit hole gets too twisty.

We both know your brand is better than that. And we can prove it.

Our work speaks for itself

Because cutting corners is for amateurs.

We investigate your brand (so the result will be true), your audience (so it’ll be relevant) and the landscape (so it’ll be differentiating). A winning strategy fits neatly into the sweet spot of this research Venn diagram.

We sift through sentiment, opinion and fact. Who wants what for your brand, and why? We listen to the whole cast, from board members, to staff, to customers. There are focus groups, surveys, a brand audit, competitor analysis, and volume adjustments so the loudest voices don’t paint over the rest.

It’s your story and you’re sticking to it.

How can we be so confident? Because you’ll have the best guide ever: your very own brand strategy. All the bits about what makes your brand your brand gathered together in one document, with illustrations. Vision? Check. Mission? Check. Purpose, values, selling points, brand story, brand personality, tone of voice? Check check check.

A brand strategy articulates who you are, who you want to be and how to achieve that change. It’s your guide for any future marketing or brand activity – from campaigns to internal engagement to branding your fleet of spaceships.

Don’t go changing … unless it‘ll make your brand better-better-best.
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Sometimes even a trusty old brand strategy stops pulling its weight. Or it loses its way. Gets lost or left behind as the landscape shifts. Sometimes the company has a growth spurt or a merger and the strategy no longer fits. Sometimes there’s a brand new product or offer but the old brand just won’t dance to the music.

It’s time for that strategy review, revamp, reboot. Or even a brand new one made to measure one.

See that brand. Own that space.
Having the time of their life.

Brands developed by Redhouse to go further-faster-longer


Never fly-by-night. Always relevant, deliberate and essential.

A proper brand strategy company follows a clear line of reasoning, taking into account who you’ve been, who you are, and who you’re becoming.

For start-ups, a brand strategy is a start-out guiding light and handbook of authentication.  For everyone, a brand strategy review is a wake-up-shake-up. It’s a good thing.

Redhouse collaborates with ambitious companies that have outgrown their brand, forgotten where they got it or why they have it, or are on the lookout for a brand spanking new one.