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Brand development is like untangling a riddle. Everything matters all at once. Only, some things matter more than once. The best approach is strategic and based in research. We know we’ve got it when your brand promise is true, your brand story is relevant, and your brand speaks for itself wherever it goes.

Redhouse house rules:
There’ll be no same-same for your brand.

A brand developed by a proper brand development company is a revenue-generating tool, not just a pretty logo. Which is good because there’s more to your brand than just a remember-us stamp.

Your brand is the whole experience. Unfragmented and unforgettable.


We value tribes, fandoms and customer loyalty. Who should be loving your brand? How do we know? Research. Data. Deep dives.


Chasing trends is chasing the wind. Our mission is purposeful. Industry disruption. Your brand trajectory. Sustainable results.


What makes your brand really, truly worth knowing? We get into the nitty-gritty. Then we make the essential official. Everywhere.

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Trade DIT

First, the Redhouse field guide.

Think turnips in trifle. A fish in a china shop. Fixing a paper cut with a blowtorch. What works in industry sector A could be complete nonsense in sector B.

For over 30 years, start-ups, SMEs and blue-chip companies have called on Redhouse brand development agency to create meaningful connections with their internal and external audiences.

We have made it our business to learn the peculiarities of their sectors.

Brands developed by Redhouse to go further-faster-longer

Tea&Biscuits. Champaign&Caviar. YourBrand&Redhouse.

Collaboration brings out the best in a brand. We’ve got the know-how about brand development, but you’re in-the-know about your brand. We figure it out together.

Off the shelf, out the box, plug and play? We don’t make those here. We’re with you, busy doing more exciting things.

One Redhouse brand thing always leads to another

Brand definition

Your brand is different-better-best.

But we don’t just take your word for it. We discover, define and refine your brand’s DNA. Then there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind of who you are and where you’re going.

This is what it means to have your act together.

Research and analysis
Brand DNA (vision, mission, purpose, values, brand personality)
Brand architecture


Brand expression

Your brand is greater than the sum of its parts.

But only when the parts are designed to do their bit in the scheme of things. Customer confidence is quickly eroded by brand elements that go rogue.

Brand design is not a matter of aesthetics; it’s a matter of strategy.

Brand identity
Look & feel
Tone of voice

Brand guidelines


Brand engagement

Your brand is in the right place at the right time, by design.

Coincidence. Serendipity. Connection. These are carefully created engagement scenarios, designed to draw your customers closer.

If we leave your brand engagement to chance, there’s small chance you’ll get engagement.

Employee engagement
Social media
Video & animation

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Redhouse gives your brand the momentum to keep moving.

Redhouse, the brand development agency, collaborates with ambitious companies wanting to create brands where every element drives them forward.

A lot of attention to detail goes into our big picture perspective. Brand forecasting. Scenario planning. Future proofing. The quick win is nothing compared to sustainable success. By taking the time to puzzle it out, we develop successful brands that go a long way in a changing world. 

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