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More than a logo. More than a visual identity. Never one and done, always more-more-more.

Your brand is the impression people have of you. And it doesn’t come fully formed. It builds and builds. When they hear your name. See your logo. Find you online. Shake your hand. Step into your world.

To us at Redhouse, your brand is not a deliverable. It’s a commitment. From defining the impression you need to give, to reinforcing it everywhere, day-in-day-out, we’re here to give your brand the TLC it needs.

Our offer

Brand definition

We discover, define and refine your brand’s DNA, getting to the heart of what you stand for.

Brand definition is vital for new organisations and start-ups, as well as for ambitious companies that have outgrown their brand, forgotten where they got it or why they have it, or are on the lookout for a brand spanking new one.

Research and analysis
Brand DNA (vision, mission, purpose, values, brand personality)
Brand architecture


Brand expression

Your brand is greater than the sum of its parts. We provide compelling visuals and a distinctive voice that truly reflect what you stand for.

Brand expression brings the brand to life in creative and inspiring ways, while staying true to the strategy – so it works to amplify your successes.

Brand identity
Look & feel
Tone of voice
Brand guidelines


Brand engagement

Your brand is in the right place at the right time, by design. We put your brand into practice, creating the experiences that build and change people’s impressions.

Coincidence. Serendipity. Connection. These are carefully created engagement scenarios, designed to draw your customers closer.

Employee engagement
Social media
Video & animation

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“Working with Redhouse and going through their curated ‘discovery’ stages, we were able to define what the AVA needed to achieve and finalise our refocused approach.”
David Llewellyn, Chief Executive, AVA

End-to-end package or single service? One-off project or ongoing partnership?

Either way, don’t think of it as onboarding a supplier. Think of us as expanding your team. We fit the way we work to your unique circumstances and goals, and keep lines of communication open and clear at all times.

Get in touch and extend your team


A cohesive experience

Through colour, typography, imagery and language, we can join up people’s experience of your brand, making the essential official, everywhere. A cohesive brand nudges unaware customers towards awareness, and gives everyone a smooth ride between your owned and earned, online and offline channels.


A powerful tool

Just like talent or equipment, your brand is a company asset that should provide value. We make your vision and objectives part of your brand’s DNA, priming it to make your successes faster-bigger-better.


Inside and out

Your customers, clients, users and stakeholders are all audiences for your brand – and so are your own people. We craft brands that tell the right story for everyone, inside and out.

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What else could your brand do for you?