Office for Students
I See The Difference

Specialist shortage

When you need specialist treatment, you want to know there are enough skilled professionals around to meet your needs.

But some specialist health roles are in danger of becoming understaffed. Professional bodies, universities and the Office for Students set their sights on a future where everyone can get the specialist care they need, when and where they need it.

Discover and aspire

We joined forces with the partners on I See The Difference, a campaign to raise the profile of four at-risk professions: podiatry, orthoptics, prosthetics and orthotics, and therapeutic radiography.

We researched what sort of people universities and employers were looking for, and created a campaign to show them why these are careers to aspire to.

All four professions come with good pay, good prospects and sociable working hours. But most importantly, they’re careers where you get to make a difference to patients’ quality of life, every day – and see the difference you make to them personally.

Show the way

Based on our research, the campaign targets potential recruits on social media and student forums. is a central hub that provides all the information someone needs to decide whether one of these careers is right for them, alongside links to degree courses to get them on their way.

I See The Difference is ongoing, and the partners have ambitions to bring other low-profile health professions along on the journey.