A campaign to challenge perceptions

Telling the right story

We were tasked with enhancing National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)’s brand reputation. When the UK Government set it up, not everyone realised how sophisticated and high-performance the NEST scheme was. Since they run such an accessible scheme that could help millions, it was important they were understood and the scheme was represented the right way.

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NEST Scale to succeed
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The pension fund of choice

To cut the confusion, we created a content strategy that would tell their story clearly and defuse any confusion or misconceptions that people already had. Through a range of mediums – articles, tweets, animations and infographics – we highlighted everything NEST does uniquely; from their ground-breaking investment methods to encouraging employees to manage their own pension pots.

Everything’s aligned to outshine competitors, appeal to three specific target markets and challenge the perception that as the default option, NEST’s fund must be basic.