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EDF Energy’s world is intensely competitive, ever changing – and quite frankly, if you’re a wallflower, it’s easy to get lost. We’ve been working with teams across their business to create content that inspires, engages and, more importantly, stands out among the crowd.

B2B content

Our work with their B2B marketing team involved creating expert content that grabbed the attention of SMEs about the future of the sector, all distributed through their thought leadership platform – Talk Power. We developed a multichannel, multimedia strategy, designed to connect their sales force patter with the unique expertise within the business.

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Unmissable content

Keeping their employees in the know is high on the priority list for EDF Energy in such a changing environment, which is why we set about designing an internal magazine for them more than 10 years ago. Since then we’ve been expertly honing the design and content, winning awards, and making the magazine unmissable for everyone from the CEO to the operatives out in the field.

We then moved on to streamlining their annual sustainability report for a more accessible and interesting read. Using simple, spacious layouts to make figures and case studies easier to find and compare so there’s no doubt about EDF Energy’s commitment to performance and sustainability.