Standing out in a competitive market

EDF Our Better Energy Ambitions Report

Stand out

In a fast-moving, intensely competitive market like the UK energy sector, it can be hard to stand out, even as one of the Big Six. That’s why a strong brand is critical.

We’ve helped EDF engage customers, stakeholders and staff with campaigns that build on the values that make the company distinctive: expertise, sustainability, and community.


Keeping employees in the know reflects EDF’s emphasis on community. For more than a decade, we have produced the staff magazine Connect, and kept it up to speed with changing ways of working.

Once a densely packed print quarterly, today Connect is more frequent, more digestible, and designed for digital first. The Institute of Internal Communication recognised the relaunch with an Award of Excellence, adding to Connect‘s impressive history of award wins and nominations.

What hasn’t changed is the mix of business updates and personal stories that have made Connect an unmissable read for executives and field operatives alike.

EDF Connect magazine spread
EDF Connect staff magazine
Illustration of EDF employee working from home
EDF Mental Health Awareness illustrations
EDF Live billing


EDF’s expertise is matched by its focus on sustainability. We re-designed their annual Sustainability Report to bring core brand messages to the fore, with spacious layouts, clear graphics and interesting case studies to increase stakeholder engagement.  


EDF’s expertise enables the company to be a trusted partner, offering business customers the expert insight and advice they need to make the most of their energy.

Talk Power is a critical part of brand engagement at EDF: a multichannel content marketing programme aimed at energy managers and finance directors in large businesses. Based on the B2B team’s expert insights, it explains what’s going on in the energy sector and how buyers can enhance their businesses.

Redhouse helped develop the strategy that joins all the sales and marketing elements together. And for over three years, we have helped create dynamic content, from blogs to infographics, that engages the target audience and positions EDF as a thought leader.

EDF Networking
Illustration for EDF showing a man on his desk with a laptop
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