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How we work

Brand definition
– We collaborate, research and analyse to get to the heart of what’s special about a company or an organisation, defining values, unique selling points and purpose: the brand DNA.
– We identify challenges and employ strategic thinking to provide solutions.

Brand expression
– We translate the brand DNA into a compelling visual and verbal language.
– We start with a big idea that amplifies the brand DNA into a set of distinctive tools that connect, engage and inspire.

Brand engagement 
– We use every element of the brand DNA to create meaningful connections between brands and their internal and external audiences. 
– We pay careful attention to how content, campaigns and employee engagement connect to the brand, to get as much impact as possible and galvanise the right conversations.

Our story

Creative excellence was the aim 30 years ago when Redhouse was founded. It’s still our driving force now. Our team brings a potent combination of skills and ideas, we focus on craft, strategy and effective communication.

We always look at the bigger picture. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ or ‘fit and forget’ branding solutions. We’re with you every step of the way, on your unique journey, from first thoughts through to post-project tracking. Everything is geared towards lasting results and enduring connections with your customers and clients.

We’re established, but still fresh.
Experienced but still curious.
And always striving for greater impact.

Because we care deeply about our planet and society, we are a rated supplier on the CIPS Sustainability Index. We are measured annually against the Index’s rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards – and we’re continuously improving our approach.

You can never be too careful about your digital footprint, which is why we are fully accredited with the Government’s CyberEssentials scheme, to ensure your data is never compromised.